MB Moto Co is an online retailer of parts, accessories, riding gear and more. Founded in 2011, MB Moto Co has merged expert knowledge and factory-trained experience to provide superior service to our customers. The founder of MB Moto Co. spent a number of years in the powersports industry as a technician and saw a lot of room for improvement, ultimately deciding to create an avenue for a better buying experience, and MB Moto Co. was born.

MB Moto Co. has spent years developing relationships with various distributors and brands to provide unique deals and discounts. Through the process, MB Moto Co has been able to create an inventory system that provides minimal overhead, and the ability to pass the savings along to its customers. MB Moto Co is proud to able to bring this experience to the internet.

The founder of MB Moto Co is still heavily involved in the sport, and continues to find new ways to streamline the industry.


What’s in the name?

MB Moto Co. is incorporated in the State of Maine, formally named Maine Baron Moto Company. This name has a unique beginning, for two reasons, which is a play on words. The first reason is descriptive: many of the vintage two-stroke motorcycles that have come through the doors have been sitting for many years and are in need of overhaul/restoration. In a stagnant two-stroke, it’s not abnormal for the ‘main bearings’ to be noisy, rusted, or seized, therefore ‘main bearing’ jobs are quite frequent in the shop.

The second reason stems from a personal, humorous, experience. About ten years ago, my friend and I traveled across the state to purchase a vintage Yamaha two-stroke street bike, which if I remember correctly was a 1975 Yamaha RD350. The owner of the bike was explaining the condition of the motorcycle to my friend and I, the prospective buyers. In his description, he stated that the bike ‘needs new main bearings’. The humor isn’t in that sentence, but in the presentation. His accent/tone of voice completely changed on the two words ‘main bearings’, and he even had a crafty hand motion to symbolize the function of the bearings. The next day, out of nowhere, my friend said ‘main bearing’ and replicated the hand motion. An inside joke was born at that instance.

As life progressed and it was time to name the business, I called my friend to discuss ideas. He listened to a bunch of ideas, and then said ‘Stop; I’ve got it…Maine Baron Motorsports’. Ultimately shortened to Maine Baron Moto Co., then MB Moto Co., the name encompasses out great State of Maine, and still gets the laughs out of a now large audience that knows the inside story.